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Deluxe Tot Rice

Deluxe Tot Rice

[Ingredient] 15g unripe tot, 50g soaked rice, 20g beef tenderloin(or lean meat), 50g soft tofu, sesame oil, soy sauce, 1.25 cup water(or meat broth)


  1. Soak 50g of rice in water for 1hr.

  2. Put tot in boiling water, blanch for 30sec and strain.

  3. Soak beef tenderloin in cold water for 20min and drain blood. Chop beef and tot finely and prepare 50g of tofu.

  4. Put some sesame oil in pot, put beef and stir-fry, then put soaked rice in it and stir-fry for about 2min.

  5. Pour 1.25cup of water in 4 and boil in low heat for 10min.

  6. Put tofu in 5, boil for 5min, then marinate with soy sauce.

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