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Kelp Corn Soup

Kelp Corn Soup

[Ingredient] 15g dried kelp, 1 potato, 1 corn can, 1/4 onion, 30g butter, 1 cup kelp broth, 1 cup fresh cream, salt, pepper


  1. Put corn in colander and pour hot water.

  2. Peel potato and slice it and onion.

  3. Put butter in heated pot, put onion, corn and potato in it and stir-fry.

  4. Put a cup of kelp broth in 3 and boil until vegetables are cooked and soup is sticky.

  5. After cooling 4 for a while, grind it in mixer, put it again in pot, then put fresh cream in it and boil till boils raising.

  6. Cut dried kelp into 1x1cm, put them in soup, turn off heat, and marinate with salt and pepper.

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