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Kelp Smoked Duck Rolls

Kelp Smoked Duck Rolls

[Ingredient] 200g kelp for wrapping(ssam), 20g assorted seaweed, 100g smoked duck, 1/4 red paprika, 1/4 yellow paprika, 1/6 onion, 20g enoki mushroom, 30g radish sprout


  1. Trim ssam kelp and cut in width of 4cm and length of 15cm.

  2. Soak assorted seaweed in water, remove moisture, and cut into bite-sizes.

  3. Slice smoked duck and burn in frying pan without oil till brown. Then put them on kitchen towel and remove the grease.

  4. Julienne paprikas, cucumber and onion. Remove root of radish sprout and trim cleanly.

  5. Put each 2 or 3 of assorted seaweed, smoked duck, cucumber, onion and radish sprout on kelp evenly and roll.

  6. Make sauce and garnish rolls with it.

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