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Green Laver and Abalone Dumpling image

Green Laver and Abalone Dumpling

[Ingredient] 1 abalone, 2 cup flour, 1 tbsp green laver powder, 1 tsp cooking oil, a bit of water, 1 tbsp rice tot, 30g salted sea mustard stem, 200g pork, 1 tsp garlic, 30g leek, 1/4 tofu, a pinch of salt and pepper

Green Laver and Abalone Dumpling Recipe

  1. Put green laver powder, water, salt and cooking oil in flour and make dough.

  2. Crush tofu and remove moisture. And slice abalone and leek into small pieces.

  3. Soak rice tot in cold water and slice salted sea mustard stem after soaking it in cold water for 1hr.

  4. Put abalone, rice tot, sea mustard steam, pork, minced garlic, tofu, salt and pepper in the dough and make bun filling.

  5. Make dumpling skin by rolling the green laver dough thin.

  6. Put bun filling in 5 and make dumpling well. Then put it in steam oven and steam it for about 10min.

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