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Seaweed Seafood Pizza image

Seaweed Seafood Pizza

[Ingredient] 6g assorted dried seaweed, 200g pizza cheese, 2 pcs 2inch tortilla, 1/4 onion, 1/2 paprika, 100g all sorts of seafood(shrimp, squid and etc), a bit of young leaf, 3 tbsp pizza sauce, 1 tbsp hot sauce, a bit of lemon juice

[Sauce of Seafood] 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp rice wine, a pinch of salt and pepper

Seaweed Seafood Pizza Recipe

  1. Soak assorted dried seaweed in cold water for 5min, put them in the colander and strain. Then slice them.

  2. Slice onion and paprika into small pieces, and wash young leaf and strain.

  3. Marinate seafood in sauce of seafood, then stir-fry slightly and remove soup.

  4. Put 50g of cheese on tortilla, and cover another tortilla on it.

  5. Mix pizza sauce with hot sauce and spread it on the tortilla of 4. Then put seafood, seaweed, onion and paprika on it.

  6. Put pizza cheese on , bake it in 180°c oven for 10~15min, and garnish it with young leaf and seaweed.

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