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Green Laver Shrimp Fritter image

Green Laver Shrimp Fritter

[Ingredient] 10g dried green laver, 300g shrimp flesh, 5~6 tbsp starch, 1 tsp egg white, 1 tsp cooking

[Marinate shrimp] 1/2 tsp garlic, 1/3 sesame oil, a pinch of salt and pepper

Green Laver Shrimp Fritter Recipe

  1. Soak green laver in cold water for 4~5min and chop finely.

  2. Chop shrimp flesh finely and marinate it.

  3. Put green laver, shrimp flesh, starch, 1 tsp egg white and cooking oil in big ball and knead them well.

  4. Fry in the heated and greased pan (180°C) twice.

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