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Fishing Village Folk Exhibition Center

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960 Jeongdo-ro, Wando-eup, Wando-gun
Opening Days/Closing Days
Adults(1000) Youth(500) Soldier(500)
Facilities For The Handicapped
Fishing Village Folk Museum in Wando-gun, is the largest museum and exhibition center in Korea operated by gun budget. Based on the fishing related items donated from Wando Susan High School, life in fishing village, fishing methods, status of maritime farming and the cultures of fishing village including the history of development of ships are exhibited to get a glimpse of life in a fishing village.

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Symbolizing Hall: Around 100 rare fish species including fat bass (180cm in length, 144 kg in weight) residing in coastal sea and diodon are exhibited in stuffed status, and aquarium include various fish species.

Planned Exhibition Center: This is an open space for all those seeking an exhibition space to hold various individual exhibitions and displays for viewing stones, calligraphy, photography and art exhibition. Currently, tourist photography of Wando-gun and stuffed animals under personal ownership are welcoming visitors.

Exhibition Hall 1: Exhibition Hall 1, offering the scenery and culture of fishing village including the house types and Good Catch Festival, exhibits fishing nets and fishing industry that shows the usage of various fishing tools and the appearance of various fish farms to give a glimpse of the change in fishing industry from the ancient time to modern time.

Exhibition Hall 2: This is where the change in fishing boat manufacturing technology and models of various ships from traditional fishing boats to modern trade ships are exhibited. In particular, visitors can row a boat on an actual-sized traditional ship and take photos in a photo zone on a boat with the seagulls flying in the background.

Exhibition Hall 3: This is where various types of shells including large man-eating shells as well as beautiful and rare corals are exhibited. Also, the underwater model of stuffed fish species and 50 fish species from archipelago are exhibited in a large aquarium.

Video Hall: The video hall holding 136 viewers screens promotional videos including the life of Jang Bogo and scenery of Wando for group visitors. It is an educational and cultural space for local residents by screening movies and theatrical plays.

Touch Pool: This is where visitors can touch live sea organisms by hand. (Various sea organisms including small octopus, octopus, abalone and sea cucumber)

Cafeteria: After viewing the exhigitions, enjoy tea and various beverages.

Location and Peripheral Information

960 Jeongdo-ro, Wando-eup, Wando-gun


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