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Wando's super food, abalone

grown from sea mustard and kelp in clean water

Wando, with clean sea and abundant seaweed, is the origin of abalone that produces over 80% abalones in Korea. Abalones from Wando have special taste and nutrition as they grow in the optimal condition from optimal seaweed. Abalone has rich content of minerals and vitamins, and it is known as the storage of proteins as it has low fat and high proteins. It has been known from the old times as the best health supplement and nutritious food for children, pregnant women, elderly and patients who need to power up. Abalone can be served raw, steamed, raw soup or grilled and even common dish will become special if abalone is added.

Abalone,the repository of nutrition grown from Wando, a healthy island

Wando-gun has been lavish on research and investment in healthy abalone from seedling to shipment. 쇼While it is good to conveniently purchase from a shopping mall, it is even more recommended to taste rich abalone dish full of special seaweeds of Wando. Wando abalone is a special menu recommended by local residents of Wando.

A restaurant for Abalone Course Meal


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