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Thick flesh of fish on rice

The true appetite arouser

Let's taste grilled fish in Wando where fish seem to be smiling. Looking into a dish of large grilled fish with thick flesh and tasty grilled flavor, you will get full even before tasting. The best fish of the season will come to the table including marbled rockfish, rockfish, snapper, bass and spanish mackerel.Unlike other regions, in Wando, marbled rockfish is valued. They are caught in large volumes but when grilled, they have chewy texture. In Jeollado, famous in Korea for good tasting dishes, 10 or more side dishes are served.

Natural Grilled Fish
Caught from Healthy Island of Wando

The taste of grilled fish comes from freshness. Only the fresh fish from daily Wando joint market of fisheries cooperatives are carefully selected, salted using bay salt and added by knowhow of the cook to give you the strength to continue your trip in Wando.

A restaurant for Grilled Fish

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