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Even the mud on which flatfish sat is tasty

Premium Flatfish of Wando

Premium flatfish is a representative fish species representing Wando along with abalone. 완As a famous maritime goods for fishing villages in Wando-eup and Sinji-myeon, or as tasty raw fish to people in Korea, flatfish has long been famous.

Flatfish is one of the most preferred raw fish species in Korea. Flatfish has high content of collagen, firm flesh for good texture and has less fat for light taste. While rich in proteins, it has low calories, hence recommended to those in a diet, and even has high content of lysine essential for children in growth period, hence is recommended to children in growth.

Clean! Safe!Natural premium flatfish in Wando

Waters of Wando is where the ocean currents from South sea and West sea meet. Elvan layer is formed underwater in the coastal area hence giving abundancy in minerals. Also, it has abundant nutritional salts, developed continental shelf and wide tideland. This special ocean environment in Wando makes better flesh quality and texture.

Natural Premium Flatfish
Free From Antibiotics

Bio-functional water is used to increase stable group behaviors and immunity than general water, hence fish are healthier.

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