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Full of fresh maritime goods

Fresh and spicy fish stew

Spicy and fresh soup of spicy fish stew and light tasting flesh of fish offer all the nutritions you need in a meal.
Add radish, spring onions, crown daisy and mushrooms, season with salt and top with spicy peppers to complete premium soup. Mix soup with rice and top with thick flesh for a satisfying bite.

The taste of soup from fresh fish adds savory and clean taste. Sip a glass of Soju and then a spoonful of soup, and you won't be able to resist saying 'kya'.
Wando has particularly wide varieties of seaweed side dishes. Seasonal side dishes offered by restaurants using fusiforme, sea staghorn, molcho, gulfweed, greyblue, kelp, seaweed fulvescens, sea mustard stem and laver will make your table richer.

Spicy Fish Stew is Worth 10 Good Side Dishes!

Spicy fish stew made from seasonal fish is one of the representative menus of Wando that won't be fed up even in scorchingly cold winter or hot summer.

A restaurant for Fish Stew


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