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Pot Full of the Best Health

Korean Dendropanax Extract and Duck

The international scientific name of Korean dendropanax, a specialty of Wando, is dendropanax meaning panacea. It is a unique plant in Korea that grows only in Jeju and South sea areas. Korean dendropanax tree is also known as ginseng tree and with its superior medicinal effect, it is also referred to as a miraculous tree. No more word will describe its health benefits when it met with alkali duck full of unsaturated fat. The soup of Korean Dendropanax duck stew tastes clean and light. Overcooked duck meat tastes soft and chewy and Wando abalone will add to your energy.

Korean dendropanax duck full of energy

Korean dendropanax has been reported to be effective in anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, liver cell regeneration, treating diabetes and regenerating soft tissue cells. It is highly recommended as special dish for the health of family or for welcoming visitors.

A restaurant for Duck Seasoned in Dendropanax Extract


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