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Laver, Kimchi and Spanish Mackerel

Raw spanish mackerel that melts in your mouth

Spanish mackerels caught in the coastal waters of Cheongsando taste the best in September to November. While large in size, due to impetuous character, spanish mackerels die as soon as they are caught. This is why fresh spanish mackerels are matured in refrigerator for 5-6 hours before they are sliced in thick pieces that will melt in your mouth. Wrap spanish mackerel dipped in spicy paste in Wando laver and add kimchi to complete Wando style spanish mackerel wrap. Wando people also put rice in the wrap, and this is a good combination that goes well with tender spanish mackerel. This is good for a meal or a side dish with alcoholic drinks.

Gift from the sea good for health of family

  • 김과 김치에 싸먹는 삼치회
  • 삼치회와 감장,김이 놓여있는 상
  • 삼치회 한상

Fresh fish is made by drawing blood out and then refrigerating without putting into an aquarium, hence the unique elasticity of the fish can be retained. Rather, it is fresher than live fish.Also, having twice higher omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D than mackerels, its unsaturated fatty acids are recommended to children, and it good for preventing blood related diseases in elderly.

A restaurant for Spanish Macherel Dish


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