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Full of the best healthy food in a pot

Chicken and Seafood Soup

Healthy among all the healthy dishes, chicken and seafood soup is made from chicken, abalone, octopus and crap seasoned by ginseng and medicinal herbs. While the recipe may vary according to restaurants, the main ingredients are essential. According to season, octopus may be replaced by small octopus. t is believed that chicken and seafood soup was first made by Jang Bogo for his soldiers by boiling chicken and various seafood ingredients in an iron pot.

Chicken and Seafood Soup, full of energy from the sea and land

With the combination of samgyetang, the health food of whole Korean people with abalone and octopus grown from natural kelp and sea mustard of Wando, it is a special health food.During hot summer of cold winter, Wando chicken and seafood soup is highly recommended for family that will generously fill up weakened body and soul.

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