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Fresh natural raw fish

from clean waters of Wando

You will experience the richness in Wando where even the mountains and sea put on a weight. Fish in Wando are fleshy and has good texture. Living in the clean water against the rapid stream of the sea, maritime goods in Wando have firm flesh and good texture. As live catch of the day are put into the aquarium and cooked on the day, the freshness of fish is assured. Any fish caught in Wando have firm texture, savory and soft taste, hence, dip a thick raw fish into seasoned paste for savory taste that fills up in your mouth.

Nutrition from a serving of Wando Raw Fish that lasts a week!

Grilled abalone and various maritime goods dishes found everywhere in Wando are all heroes of the dining table until raw fish comes to the table. Side dishes made from seaweed and various maritime goods fresh to the end will enhance the taste of Wando trip even more.

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