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Fresh Soy Bean Soup and Whole Abalone

Abalone Stone Pot

In Wando, it seems natural to add abalone in any dish. Because fresh abalones are abundantly caught from coastal waters, in Wando, abalones are proudly used in any dish. In Wando, the origin of abalone, abalone stone pot is famous in which whole abalone is used. The soy bean soup, the representative dish in Korea, added by maritime foods and whole abalone has fresh soup taste and rich nutrition. This filling meal is available at low price and will even relieve your hangover.

Healthy and Tasty Abalone Stone Pot

You will empty almost half your rice with side dishes even before the stone pot comes. Side dishes made from good combination of seafood and vegetables will make you fill the generosity of Jeollado.Abalone stone pot is available everywhere in Wando, and it is especially recommended if you want to gain strength before and after trip.

A restaurant for Abalone Stew in a Hot Pot

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