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Happy Wando Trip of Seeing, Eating and Experiencing

Chang PoGo Maritime Goods Festival

Chang PoGo Maritime Goods Festival 2016

Wednesday 4 May 2016 - Sunday 9 May 2016 (5 days)

  • Title: Happy Wando Trip of Seeing, Eating and Experiencing
  • Location: Wando Beach Park, Jangdo Cheonghaejin Historical Site
  • Hosted by: Wando-gun
  • Held by: Wando Chang PoGo Maritime Goods Festival Promotion Committee

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  • Official Event : Seolgun 120th anniversary night sea fireworks and 2 more
  • Planned Event : Wando resident harmonizing festival and 5 more
  • Performing Cultural Event : TV celevrative show and 21 more
  • Experiencing Event : K-Play playground and 10 more
  • Special Sales Event : Clean Wando Seafood Hall and 2 more
  • Auxiliary Event : 2017 seaweed exhibition title hall and 7 more

Event Guide

Official Event

  • Unique Chang PoGo festival
  • Opening Event - "Clean sea capital Wando! Becoming light of future"
  • Themed firework show "Vision 120! Night sea firework show"

Planned Event

Planned event boasted by Wando, a healthy island

2016 seaweed day commemorative event for Wando-gun residents' harmonizing festival. Jang Bogo traditional rowing competition. Wando seaweed cooking competition. 2016 students' essay competition. Wando port fishing boat parade

Performing & Cultural Events

Performing Events for live heaven of smiles in Wando, a smiling island

Opening celebration show, provincial Korean music orchestra performance, martial music festival, resident harmonizing Makjjang masked singer competition, national youth dance-song competition, sisterhood city invitation performance, clean sea folk & trot song show, students' essay writing competition, children's day commemoration! K-POP festival, Wando ganggangsullae & fusion nanta, happy music virus, do dream nanta, Wando smile concert, raw fish slicing competition, Chinese face changing kids magic show, daily gymnastics dance competition, K-PLAY rally with foreigners, Cheonghae children's festival, music star art group invitation performance, Wando cultural arts invitation performance, clean Wando surprising auction show

Experiencing Events

Chang PoGo experiencing festival enjoying and learning dynamic history by Chang PoGo around Cheonghaejin 1200 years ago through various experiencing events.

  • K-PLAY Playground: Rich year - Daedong play with tourists and do dream play
  • Seaweed Themed Experience: Fusiforme and water, 216m large gimbap making, seaweed triangular gambap making, traditional laver making, seaweed art class
  • Chang PoGo Themed Experience: Chang PoGo Mural class, Chang PoGo pottery class
  • Maritime Goods Themed Experience: Daldo Gaemaegi class, bare hand fishing class hidden between seaweeds

Special Sales Event

Clean Wando seafood hall (sale on abalone/flatfish, multicultural food culture), clean Wando seaweed/specialty sales event, Wando natural livestock products tasting and sales hall

Auxiliary Event

2017 seaweed exhibition title hall, 2017 seaweed exhibition promotion hall, Wando Seol-gun 120th anniversary commemoration hall, seaside park night time LED scenery, eco-friendly EM business group promotion hall, western painter invitation hall, Wando natural agricultural goods promotion hall

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