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Walk along the natural time...

Cheongsando Slow Walking Festival

Cheongsando Slow Walking Festival

  • 1 April 2016 - 30 April 2016
  • Official Event 9 April 2pm

Official Event

  • 'Cheongsando 100-ri travel' / 'Let's go Nabi, to Cheongsan'
  • Encountering master singer - Nam Sang-il / Healing talk - Kim Byung-jo

Slowness is happiness.

In Wando-gun Cheongsan-do designated for the first in Asia as a slow city, the slow walking festival is held every April under the theme 'slowness is happiness' when yellow rape flowers and blue forage barley make a pretty picture. Feel the beauty of slowness to entire body and fill up happiness.

Major Events

  • Representative Program: Cheong, San. Wan. Bo.
  • Special Programs: Healing Talk & Healing Concert
  • Slow Experiencing Programs: 10 programs (painting on abalone shell, shell craft, slow post box, etc.)
  • Slow Events: 4 events (Filling up love, preserving nature of Cheongsando, explosing Cheongsanjin castle with a commentator, etc.)
  • Performing/Exhibition Programs: 6 programs (Sopyonje festival performance, Cheongsando busking, listening to Cheongsando, etc.)
  • Healing talk
  • Let's go Nabi
  • Cheong, San. Wan. Bo.
  • Healing foot bath
  • slow post
  • Hosted by : Wando-gun
  • Held by: Cheongsando Slow Walking Festival Promotion Committee
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