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The most beautiful island in Wando

Repository of warm temperature forest, Bogildo

The whole island of Bogildo is maritime national park where high-rising evergreen trees and grand and beautiful scenery of the sea offer special quality not felt in any other islands.Thick forests wrapping the entire island and high rising hills seem to be embracing the visitors.

Travel Course

  • Hwaheungpo
  • Nohwa(Dong-
  • Bogil (Cheong
  • Yesong-riBeach 20m
  • Jing-ri BeachTong-ri Beach 10m
  • Beakdo-ro SongsiyeolWriting Rock 25m
  • MangggeutObservatory 20m
  • Yunseondo Historical Site (Seyeonjeong) 10m
  • GoksudangNakseojae 25m
  • Dongcheon

guide map

Bogil Daegyo

Starting from Wando-eup Hwaheungpohang, you can arrive at Nohwado Dongcheonhang and go to Bogildo again by car.

The most beautiful island of Wando, Bogildo!
The most beautiful beach, Yesong-ri Beach!

The wind breaking forest at the back is where pine tree protected as 40th natural monument as well as 30 types of plants including hackberry, silver magnolia and camellia trees grow. In particular, pine trees are protected as the village's sacred tree and ancestral rites are held every year.

  • Yesong-ri Beach
  • Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest
  • Jing-ri Beach
  • 통리해수욕장 전경 Tong-ri Beach

Tong-ri beach is especially visited by the young. In front of the beach are small and large archipelagic islands. You can fish on the rock by the beach or islands in the nearby area all throughout the year.

Jung-ri beach is near the Tong-ri beach. This beach has gentle slope and beautiful wind breaking pine forest of the village. Jing-ri, boasting fine sand like the silk has around 300 pine trees as old as hundreds of years, are embracing the beach.

  • Songsiyeol Writing Rock
  • 망끝전망대 전경 Mangggeut Observatory

Standing at the end of Mangggeut Observatory, you can see the most beautiful sunset in Korea along with the view over the endlessly clear sea.

Yunseondo grove has the representative garden pattern in the Choseon Dynasty. Yoon Seon-do, on his way to Jeju Island during the Manchu invasion of Korea, he was attracted by the grand scenery and valuable Korean poems including 'eobusasisa' were written here. Nakseojae is where Gosan Yoon Seon-do lived from 1637 until he passed away in 1671.
This is known as the best house site in Bogildo. It has been the living sphere of a classical scholar who wished to study, read books and live in seclusion. Goksudand was built by Gosan's son to live in and take a rest, the water flowing from the valley of Nakseojae is forming a mountain stream.

  • Nakseojae
  • Goksudang
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