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Heaven of sea fishing, Wando

where all you have to do is cast a fishing poll.

Boat fishing is a must have experience by a fisherman who likes to fish.
In particular, boat fishing in Bogil-do is where you take on a boat into the beautiful scenery of archipelago of South Coast to experience the thrill of catching fresh fish from clean waters of Bogil-do and tasting the freshly caught raw fish widely known among fishermen.

Major fishing sites are Wando zone, Sinji zone, Yeoseo-do and Soin zone. In June-November, you can catch black porgy, gopher, red sea bream and rock bream in Wando zone and Sinji zone, and in November to October of the following year, you can catch bass and black porgy as well as large rock bream in Hwangjedo, Jangdo, Chodo and Deokudo. In June to May of the following year, you can catch yellow tail, gopher, rock bream, black porgy, bass and red sea bream in Yeoseodo, and in March-May you can catch bass, black porgy, gopher and large opaleye. In Soin zone, black porgy, red sea bream, gopher, bass and rock bream are mainly caught during March-December, hence various fish species can be caught all throughout the sea of Wando.

Fishermen can easily get fishing gears in Wando-eup. You can easily buy fishing gear in Wando-eup from Garipo Fishing, Tour Fishing, Gudo Fishing, International Fishing, Wando Fishing Land, Judo Fishing and Cheongho Fishing.

Major Fishing Sites in Wando

Major Fishing Sites in Wando
Period Major Fishing Site Remarks
March-May Yeoseodo Opaleye, bass, black porgy, gopher
March-December Soan zone Black porgy, red sea bream, gopher, bass, rock bream
May-June Yeoseodo Yellow tail, gopher, rock bream, black porgy, bass, red sea bream
June-November Wando zone, Sinji zone Black porgy, gopher, red sea bream, rock bream
October-November Hwangjedo, Jangdo, Chodo, Deokudo Large rock bream, black porgy, bass
All year round Cheongsan zone Various fish species

Heaven for Fishermen

Fishing on coastal rock of Bogil-do

Bogildo fishing on coastal rock is a heaven for fishermen where you can indulge in the fresh sea breeze from crystal clear unpolluted sea with the background of picturesque archipelago.

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