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Premium Island One! A lonely island on a vast sea,
Naktaseom Island, a shelter for birds with beautiful sunrise

Naktaseom's original name was Daraji, but it was named after its shape resembling a camel. This island is unmanned, has a sea cave from 1/3 of island. The summit is covered by evergreens for green forest all year round. Naktaseom, floating lonely on a vast sea has beautiful sunrise and it provides a good shelter for birds. Naktaseom, being an unmanned island, doesn't have regular sea way. To visit this island, travel on a tourist ship in connection with islands nearby or watch en route to Jangdo or Wondo on Saemaeulho (061-552-0116) departing from Wando port once every day.

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Premium Island Two!Sea cave of 20m height
Jangdo viaduct

Jangdo is an annexed island to Geumil-eup and a remote island in a vast sea along with Hwangjedo in the vicinity. From old times, it was known for golden fishing site. The sea cave of 20m height at the back of Jangdo is the Jangdo viaduct. You can enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunset near the viaduct while boat fishing.

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Premium Island Three!Geobukseom Resembling a Sea Turtle Crossing the Sea

Geobukseom Island is located in the coastal waters of Dongsong-ri. It was named Geobukseom after its shape resembling a sea turtle crossing the sea.

Premium Island Four!Hole-island Hyeoldo with large hole at the end혈도

Hyeoldo is an unmaned island in the coastal waters of Donggo-ri. Residents also call this island a Hole-island (Hyeoldo) as it has a large hole at the end.

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