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Wando, a place satisfying five senses that makes you smile

Healthy island of Wando is awaiting.

The main island of Wando-eup, Guneo-myeon and Sinji-myeon are connected via a bridge, hence it is suitable for a day trip on a car. Around Wando-eup and seaweed center are many restaurants offering the delicacies of Wando. Or you can visit five-day interval market or joint market of fisheries cooperatives to buy fresh seafood.

Travel Course

  • Wando Tower lunch
  • Seaweed Center
  • Shopping(Joint Market for Fisheries Cooperatives)
  • Sinji MyeongsasimniBeach
  • ChangPogo Memorial CenterJangdo Historical Site
  • Wando Arboretum

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Course Information

Wando Tower

Wando Tower has video monitor and viewing binoculars displaying beautiful scenery of archipelago. At night, the outside lightings of Wando Tower are illuminated, creating fantastic laser show every night.

205-1, 330 Jangbogodaero (Wando-eup), Wando-gunInquiries : 82-61-550-6960

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Seaweed Center

Seaweed Center is a seaweed exhibition center where you can rediscover the value of seaweed by finding out what seaweed is, how many species of seaweed there are and the ocean environment of Wando as an optimum site for seaweeds to grow.

84 Haebyeongongwonro, Wando-eup, Wando-gunInquiries : 82-61-550-5871

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Joint Market for Fisheries Cooperatives

주소 : 26 Haebyeongongwonro 124-beongil, Wando-eup, Wando-gun6
Inquiries : 82-61-554-2156
Description: Fisheries goods sales

Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach

The best beach in South Sea with the richest amount of minerals in seawater

85-105 Myeongsasimni-gil, Sinji-myeon, Wando-gun Inquiries : 82-61-550-6920

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ChangPogo Memorial Center & Jangdo Historical Site

Admiral Jang Bogo has made great contribution for Silla to take over the marine trade by installing Cheonghaejin and exterminating the pirates. Let's find out various artifacts of the time proving the splendour of the time.

186 Jangjwa-ri, Wando-eup, Wando-gun Inquiries : 82-61-550-6933

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Wando Arboretum

Wando Arboretum, formed at the back of Sanghwangbong summit, is the best and largest natural habitat in the world for evergreen broad-leaved trees. It is equipped with forest exhibition center, tropical and subtropical greenhouses, observatory, observatory trail, aquatic botanical garden, observatory, camping site and basketball stadium.

109-1 Daemun-ri, Gunoe-myeon, Wando-gun Inquiries : 82-61-552-1544

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