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Blue mountain, sea and sky

Small island, Cheongsando named after Cheongsan

Cheongsando, also referred to as Cheongsanyeosu, Seonsan, and Seonwon for its beauty comparable to Taoist hermits to stay, is within 19.2km from Jeonnam Wando or in 50 minute distance by sea.
Cheongsando, where the slow scenery of blue sea, blue mountain, flat rice field, stone wall and haenyo and unique traditional culture of the island mingle, has been recognized internationally for its value and was designated as the first slow city in Asia.

Travel Course

  • Passenger Ship Terminal 50m
  • Cheongsando Port 5m(By car)
  • Sopyonje TavernFilming Site for Spring Walt 40m(walking)
  • Beombawi 10m(By car)
  • Slow Island Travelling SchoolFlat Rice Field(Lunch) 5m(By car)
  • Sanseo-riStone Wall Path 5m(By car)
  • SinheungriBeach 15m
  • Cheongsandoport 50m
  • Passenger Ship Terminal


Cheongsando, famous for filming site

  • Filming site for Spring Waltz

    This is a filming site for a soap opera. Beautiful rape flowers, blue forage barley field and stone wall path became the background. The open filming site built under the concept of "white house on top of seaside hill" is a must course for visitors to Cheongsando.

  • Filming site for Sopyonje

    This is the filming site for Sopyonje that reached million viewers for the first in Korean movie history. This place is famous for the scene of singing Jindo Arirang while walking down the yellow soil road. This scene is one of the most beautiful scenes in the history of Korean movie.

Cheongsando Beombawi

This path connects Gwondeokri to Beombawi. It is called Beombari as it resembles the head of a tiger. An observatory for viewing Cheongsando in a glance is famous for compass failing to locate the direction. It is known as the place where the most oxygen negative ions are generated in Korea. (Beombawi store sells snacks and beverages.)

Cheongsando Slow Island Travelling School has been remodelled into a multi-purpose complex facility with promotion hall (seminar room), experiencing center (restaurant), accommodation and ecology pond. A small school that used to teach dream and hope to children in Cheongsan was reborn as a space that teaches the beauty of slowness to modern people living busy lives.

Promotion hall or seminar room is where you can see various resources of Cheongsando in a glance including slow food, and in the experience hall (restaurant) you can experience slow food and enjoy meals that developed the unique food of Cheongsando. On the second floor is the accommodation in duplex structure, and more accommodation is available in the building that used to be official residence for teachers.

  • Slow Island Traveling School
  • Sangseo Village Old Fence

The entire village is made of stone wall on the road connecting Sangseo-ri and Dongchon-ri. While Cheongsando stone wall will fill up your view anywhere you see, here you can see the old stone walls preserved from the ancient times. (Lounge and teahouse are in operation.)

In the old days when rice was rare, people in Cheongsan made rice field using flat stones. While seafood was abundant due to sea, in the times when rice was rare due to lack of rice field, residents made flat stone rice field after heroic endeavors.

Indigo colored sea, seawater that seems to color your fingers blue! Seaside rocks that will attract fish once you cast a fishing rod. All these expressions are the attractiveness of Sinheung Beach. This beach has a vast white sand, clear and quiet water and fishing site nearby. On the wide silver white sand beach revealed during the low tide, catch shells on the white sand with family or lover to create another valuable memory.

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