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Marine Cultural Trail of Nature

Sinji Myeongsagaetgil

Sinji Myeongsagaetgil is a trail with the nature preserved. This walkable coastal road offers splendid scenery and marine cultural experience, and was designated as Haeannuri trail among 168 trails applied by local governments nationwide. You can more conveniently visit Sinjido via Sinjidaegyo Bridge completed in 2005. Thick forest and beautiful coastal road will be sufficient for healing time.

Course Information

Major Tourist Attractions in Sinji

Sinjidaegyo Bridge

Completed in 2005, Sinjidaegyo Bridge connecting Wando-eup and Sinjido Island offers beautiful night view.


An old port visited by ships going to and from Wando and Sinjido. Since the construction of Sinjidaegyo Bridge, only the private house and part of fish farm are remaining. Waves breaking in Mulhatae Mongdol beach sounds beautiful.

Seobonggak Lighthouse

This unmanned lighthouse was the beacon for ships to Wando Port. Since the invasion of armed spy boat in Heonggando in early 1980s, lighthouse-keeper and riot police were stationed, but currently, only the white lighthouse is remaining.

Myeongsasimni Beach

A silver white sand strip as long as 4km. With soft sand, gentle slope and shallow waters, it is suitable for families. There is a legend that the name 'Myeongsa' came from 'crying sand' or 'clean sand'.

Motor Camping Site

A Motor camping site on a land 2,6000㎡ near Myeongsasimni Beach. Total 53 motor camping sites and 20 caravan sites capable of accommodation and cooking are available.

Place of Exile of Lee Gwangsa

Lee Gwangsa, a master calligrapher of Joseon in the 18th century who completed Donggukjinche font and wrote the signboard of Daeheungsa Daeungjeon Hall in Haenam lived as exile in Daegok-ri, Sinji-myeon during the reign of Sukjong.

Sinji Anti-Japanese Movement Memorial Park

Anti-Japanese movement momorial park in Daegok-ri, Sinji-myeon. To commemorate the performance of Lim Jae-gab and Jang Seok-cheon who were originally from Sinji-myeon a park was created around the monument. Offers convenience facilities such as parking lot and trail course.

Heron Habitat

Heron habitat in Gain-ri, Sinji-myeon. Although the herons are beautiful, as the pine trees are damaged from excretion, there are doublesidedness.

Donggori Beach & Pine Forest

The natural scenery of thick pine trees mingling with white sand creates splendour. The cool will make you gather your coat even in hot summer. This peaceful and cozy holiday destination is neighbored by a rocky wall.

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