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Silky Sea and Beautiful Archipelagic Scenery

Joyakdo Sammunsan Mountain

Course Information

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  • Course 1(3.2km) : Jukseonri - Sinseongol mineral spring - Jangyongsan Mountain - Sangyeo Rock Mangbong - Ummeokae - Deunggeosan Mountain - Keundaman
  • Course 2(5.1km) : Jukseonri - Sinseongol mineral spring - Jangyongsan - Sangyeo Rock - Mangbong - Azalea park - Gasari

Yaksanmyeon, known to have the most naturally growing medicinal herbs in Korea, is famous for black goats and berrenwort. Sammunsan Mountain, forming Yaksanmyeon, has relatively low altitude but is not easy. In April, azaleas blossom everywhere, in the summit resides the site for beacon mound, the path from Jukseonri to summit of Mangbong has Cheongwansan Mountain to the North as if it can be reached, and to the south, the archipelago is seen in a glance as if it is floating on the sea. Climbing up 300m from Jukseonri, you will reach Sinseongol mineral spring that flows through the rocks.

This 3.2km course connecting Jukseonri → Sinseongol mineral spring → Jangyongsan → Sanggamanjae → Sangyeo Rock → Sammunsan (Mangbong) → Ummeokjae → Owl Rock → Deungneombatjae, can also be climbed from the opposite direction. As the course is short, if you want to continue hiking, instead of climbing down to Deungneombatjae from Mangbong, you can continue hiking in 3.1km course to Gasadong via Azalea park.

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