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Sanghwangbong, the roof of Wando ruling over 201 islands

Sanghwangbong (644m), the guardian mountain of Wando, is the central summit of Obongsan Mountain rising at the end of Noryeong ruling over 200 small and large islands. With Baekunbong (600m), Shimbong (598m), Eopjinbong (544m) and Sukseungbong (461m) casted nearby, it is a place of viewing over the scenery of archipelago until your eyes get tired. Conquering the summit through sky reaching evergreen trees, you will be welcomed by blue sea, clear sky, islands spread all over it and archipelago. To see beautiful sun rise, you must visit Sanghwangbong. You will see a splendid sunrise you've never seen before.

Travel Course

상황봉 등산안내지도 자세한 내용은 아래내용 참조
  • Course 1(6.2km) : Daeguri Village monument → Shinbong (Shimbong) → Sanghwangbong → Gwaneumsaji → Sangyeo Rock → Geondeureong Rock → Daeya Reservoir (Eden Park)
  • Course 2(11.3km) : Juncheongri LPG Station → Heliport → Sambitjae → Haneujae → Sanghwangbong → Baekunbong → Songgot Rock → Daeya Reservoir 2
  • Course 3(9km) : Won Buddhism Training Center → Sukseungbong → Eopjinbong → Baekunbong → Sanghwangbong → Shinbong (Shimbong) → Hwaheung Elementary School

Vast sea! Islands spread across the sea, and splendid light through all!

Vast sea! Islands spread across the sea and splendid light through all! This is the sun rise of Sanghwangbong. No word would suffice in expressing the mystery of the nature, but what cannot be denied is that this is the best sun rise in Korea. People of all ages and genders can easily hike on the mountain as there are many routes developed.

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