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Land of liberty, place of anti-Japanese movement


Fierce anti-Japanese movement was carried out during the dark ages of the Japanese invation. And it is a place of anti-Japanese movement that has created 88 patriots, the most patriots in a myeon.

In a street blossoms yellow mugunghwa only residing in Wolhang in Soando. Mirari evergreen forest and maengseonri evergreen forest designated as natural monuments #339 and #400 respectively offer splendid beach view, thick forest, and in particular, Mirari evergreen forest is famous for coastal rocks. Mirari evergreen tree was designated as natural monument #339 and consists of a strip of 499m width. Maengseonri evergreen forest was designated as natural monument #340 and consists of around 700 silver magnolias.

  • Yellow mugunghwa
  • Maengseonri evergreen forest
  • Mirari evergreen forest
  • Soan anti-Japanese movement memorial center
  • Mirari beach
  • Jinsanri beach

'Yellow Mugunghwa' Soando

Best view point of archipelago! Jeju, Chuja, Cheongsan and Bogildo in a glance

Soando is a place of fresh waves, sea water full of elvan and negative ions and special charm of healthy sea.Laver from Wando is nationally known and Soando laver is the best. Abalone, kelp and sea mustard produced from archipelago marine national park also have good quality. With good marine environment, it is famous for fishing and is visited by many fishermen from all around the country.

  • Mulchigi Observatory
  • Dangsado Lighthouse
  • Gahaksan Mountain
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