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Natural Scenery from Eternity

Geumdang 8 Views

On the boat circling the island from Gahak-hang, you will be splendored by the miraculous beauty of 'Gumdang 8 Views' including the Cheonbuljeon reminiscent of Geumgangsan Cheonbukjeon, Elephant Rock, Namgeun Rock, Straw-house Rock, Bier Rock, Monk Rock, Fan Rock and Folding Screen Rock. Sun rise and sunset stepping on the unmanned islands of various shapes and sizes will also become a valuable memory to be kept lifelong. Gumdang 8 Views represent the odd shaped rocks from time and miraculous natural scenery.

  • Geumdang 8 Views
  • Geumdang 8 Views

Geumdang 8 Views Seashore Tour (Geumdangdo Foreshore Island Village, Wando, Jeonnam)

  • Charge: 100,000 (For five people per fare), Duration: 1 hour
  • Phone: 061-843-4077
  • Call information center or above director to make reservation.

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  • 금당8경
  • 금당8경
  • 금당8경
  • 금당8경


Location and Peripheral Information

Geumdang-myeon, Wando-gun

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