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The mecca of filming sites for historical soap operas

Cheonghaepogu filming site

The specially planned soap opera of the lifetime of 'maritime king, Jang Bogo' who sweeped clear of pirates by building Cheonghaejin in Wando that was the strategic point for seaway in the Unified Silla Dynasty and ruling the maritime power in the East Asia up to Tang, Japan and Southern China Sea while engaging actively in maritime trade activities, was produced in Wando-gun near the old historical site of Cheonghaejin. In Cheonghaepogu, various events are held every weekend to attract visitors.

Admission Fee

  • General Admission: Adult 5,000, Youth 3,000, Child 2,000
  • Group Admission: Adult 4,000, Youth 2,000, Child 1,000 (Group of 30)
  • Man of Merit: 3,000, Disabled: 4,000, Local Resident: 3,000, Senior: 3,000
    ※ Open Throughout Year, Free Parking

Operating Hours

  • Winter: 9am - 5 pm, Summer: 8am - 7pm

Inquiries: Cheonghaepogu 061)555-4500,4503,4504

Famous Filming Site

An educational space for soap opera, history and culture.
Starting from the soap opera Haesin, total 40 famous soap operas including Daejoyeong, Jumok, Daewangsejong and Myeongryang were filmed. The filming site mingling with the ocean view offers a comfortable space.

How to get to Wando

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  • 청해포구 촬영장
  • 청해포구 촬영장
  • 청해포구 촬영장
  • 청해포구 촬영장


Location and Peripheral Information

1089-3 Daesin-ri, Wando-eup, Wando-gun

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