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Natural Healing Forest

Wando Arboretum

In the warm temperature forest unique in Jeonnam, there is a tropical greenhouse boasting forest museum offering the warm temperature forest culture and traditional window pattern in the largest size in Southern region. Wando Arboretum, built at the back of Sanghwangbong, has the largest and best natural habitat of broad-leaved evergreens in the world. On a wide land area of 2,000 ha grow 169 animals and 3,449 plants inhabiting naturally or transplanted. Major facilities include forest exhibition center, tropical and subtropical greenhouses, observatory, observation trail, aquatic botanical garden, camping site and basketball stadium.

Wando Arboretum, as the most beautiful forest in Korea, awarded 'Beautiful Coexistence Award' from '2011 Beautiful Forest Competition'

Also, red-wood evergreen oak, taking about 60% of the arboretum, for its high amount of carbon storage and absorption rate, is known as the optimal plant for dealing with climate change, and offering uniform oxygen generation throughout the year, visitors can trail in pleasant air. The shadow on water of Daemun reservoir at the foot of arboretum looks as if it is mirroring.

Admission Fee

  • General Admission: Adult 2,000, Youth 1,500, Child 1,000
  • Group Admission: Adult 1,500, Youth 1,000, Child 500 (Under 7) (Man of national merit, over 65 and disabled people: Admission free)
  • Parking Fee: Large 5,000, Small 3,000, Light 1,500

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Location and Peripheral Information

109-1 Daemun-ri, Gunoe-myeon, Wando-gun

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